Wednesday, 28 November 2018


Hardwood floor provides a stunning, luxurious look and feel to whatever area you fit it in, fully transforming your home, while also incorporating substantial value. To get a truly outstanding makeover, but you won't want to just stop after your flooring.

You have more choice than ever before when it comes to hardwood flooring, so if you have the opportunity to weigh your options, you can find something absolutely ideal. While individuals are putting a great deal of time and effort in choosing the right hardwood flooring for their house, we do not always put the same thought into the furniture moving in our newly decorated area. The right parts of furniture may complement your new floors perfectly, adding yet another element to your own room -- so how do you fit your furniture to your hardwood flooring?

While it might be tempting to go for the lazy choice and elect for furniture made from precisely the same wood species as the floor, design experts recommend avoiding this. An area with all the furniture made from the same colour or style of timber as the flooring can soon become boring and dull to look at.

Try to opt for furniture in a lighter or darker colour to your floor, to allow each to stand out on its own -- just be sure you maintain a unified style across your room. If you don't feel comfortable using a distinct species of timber, consider opting for the identical wood in a different finish -- if your hardwood flooring has a shiny, polished finish, try out some furniture with a more distressed finish.

Regardless of the style or colour of your furniture, you want to look after your floor. Do not forget to put felt pads on the feet of your furniture to protect your floor and reduce the probability of it getting scratched. It is also important to refrain from transferring your furniture too much, and should you need to move it be sure that you lift it instead of slide it around your floor.

At FLOOR SANDING BARNET, we provide beautiful hardwood floors in a wide assortment of various colours and styles.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018


Everyone wants to get their houses decorated as beautifully as possible. The décor of a home is not determined exclusively by the colour of the walls and the furnishings chosen. So as to have a nicely decorated and beautiful residence, the planning needs to be done at an early period.

The flooring plays a important part in determining the décor and appearance of a home. After the flooring is gorgeous it becomes a lot easier to match it with exceptional wall colours and exquisite furnishings. Wooden flooring was used as floors in homes for many years. Wooden flooring supplies an elegant and gentle look to the house décor.

Nowadays, hardwood floors is available in a large number of colours, designs, patterns and materials. Wooden flooring is also offered in various types of finishes which may also be changed over time. Moreover, wooden flooring is available in most price ranges and can easily fit into almost any budget.

However, when selecting your wooden flooring, you need to be very careful. Remember wooden flooring is quite attractive and has a great impact on the overall look of the house décor. Thus, before selecting the colour tone and designs of your hardwood floors you must remember the type of furnishings which will best match the hardwood floors.

Wooden flooring is an item that never loses its charm and beauty, if maintained with just a little care. So, opt for hardwood floors and make your home beautiful forever.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Houses where wooden floors are hidden beneath carpets can be changed by way of floor sanding. These wood floors can be returned to their original beauty and the value of your house increases consequently. Floor sanding isn't a really tough process; nonetheless it needs to be completed in a suitable manner.

There are many stages to floor refreshing, such as block sanding, replacement of damaged planks, fixing of cracks, dents and stains and repainting the floor using wood or oil stain. You have a decision as to how you want your room to look. Whether you want a warm feel or a light and airy appearance, this can be done with the choice of stains.

From the perspective of wellness objectives, it's understood that PVC floors and rugs have adverse effects on the flooring. PVC has noxious pollutants; rugs house dust under them; while individuals who own creatures are aware of how hard it's to eliminate scratches.

Floor sanding adds value to a residence. It provides a cleaner and healthier environment to households. These floors aren't tough to maintain either.

Friday, 14 September 2018


Hardwood flooring is a wonderful alternative if you don't fancy having tiles or carpets in your home. Hardwood floors is renewable, hardwearing and extremely durable so that it will last you for several years.

If you have opted to get hardwood floors put down in your home, you will have to look at how you will keep up the flooring to make certain it looks its best all year round.

There are many products available on the market that can help to keep your hardwood floors clean and dirt free. You need to explore the maintenance and cleaning arrangements to your hardwood flooring together with the expert who comes to lay the floors for you. They'll inform you the most effective ways to make sure it's clean.

It's possible to use a vacuum hardwood floors if you desire, in addition to being able to clean and snatched it. This implies it is at least as easy to keep as any other type of flooring covering, if not simpler! This is excellent when you have a growing family and do not have the time to be constantly cleaning and tidying your house.

Sunday, 26 August 2018


These days, oak floors are one of the most popular types of flooring available, as they have the exceptional capability to add a rustic and warm charm to any room in any home.

Oak flooring usually comes in three major types- American white oak, red oak, and European oak and all 3 kinds have a lot to offer you the homeowner.

Whichever wooden flooring you opt to have installed in your home, when the professional has finished their job, your job is only beginning, and so as to keep your floors looking immaculate, you want to take care to wash and maintain them on a regular basis.

The frequency with which you maintain your bamboo floor may have a major effect on its longevity, and through investing only a few minutes of your time and taking a couple of preventative measures, your flooring will probably continue to keep its stunning looks for quite a while.

Simple preventative measures such as placing protectors under furniture will help to keep marks caused by furniture at bay, and ensuring that you use only advocated products when cleaning can also be highly essential.

When you would like to get the most out of your floors and extend its lifetime, correct maintenance simply can't be overlooked.

Monday, 6 August 2018


If your decor is not just so, it can be incredibly simple for your home to look incredibly dull- even on a bright and beautiful day. Spending your evenings and weekends in a darkened house can really put a dampener on your mood and make you feel like you can't relax- particularly if you're feeling stuck for ideas about how best to rectify the circumstance.

If you want to bring a little light into your home life, there is a high chance that you are going to want to achieve this in a cost-effective manner- and this means investing in decor that will stand the test of time and which will not enable the look of your house to slip back to the dark side any time in the near future.

White walnut hardwood flooring is a brilliant decoration investment for homeowners that wish to lighten the appearance of their house whilst providing decor an almighty boost, and with just a small amount of care and attention that this floors can last year after year.

Even if the rest of the decor of your home is dark and sultry side, you won't need to generate any additional changes if you don't wish to, as white ash flooring actually can make an wonderful difference.

Thus, invest in white ash flooring and enjoy a beautifully bright home even if it's dreary, dark and damp outside.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Hardwood flooring remains a favorite choice for home improvements and updates. However, this beautiful flooring also will come with a list of common problems that require a little bit of knowledge and the right approach. Get the most from your wood flooring investment by learning how to take care of hardwood flooring.

Use a dry mop or microfiber broom on hardwood floors to prevent damaging the end and adding excess moisture to the surface. Wood floors cup, crown and buckle if subjected to moisture, as well as one wet mopping incident can harm your own hardwood.

Wipe up spills quickly and efficiently, paying special attention to the gaps between planks. The end provides a specific amount of protection on the flooring bits, but these openings allow moisture to enter the room under and absorb into the wood.

Prevent using steam cleaners on hardwood too. Consult your flooring retailer about great quality wood flooring cleaners that are developed for the finish applied.

Dealing With Smudging and Smearing

Hardwood flooring using a high gloss finish presents a challenge to homeowners. Though this shiny look complements modern decor, it also permits smudges and smearing to stand out.

Normal polishing is the best way to eliminate those markers. Strategy to wash or wipe the floors on a daily basis to retain the high gloss appearance and avoid smudging and smearing. Pets frequently leave marks on shiny floors, as do family members walking barefoot. A matte finish works great in such scenarios and lessens the amount of maintenance required for a pristine area.

Handling Oxidation

Strong hardwood floors naturally darkens over time, especially when exposed to sunlight. This
procedure, known as oxidation, can depart a blotchy, spotted finish on your room, based on the location of windows and other sources of organic lighting.

Bright and bright rooms darken hardwood floors clearly. Should you opt to move furniture following the oxidation procedure has happened, you are going to find lighter areas of wood beneath. These patches will darken with exposure to sunlight, but it takes time.

Another way to lessen the risk of discoloration due to oxidation involves window treatments. Keep direct sunlight from contacting the ground and you can significantly reduce or prevent oxidation altogether.

Dealing With Complimentary or Noisy Boards

Faulty installation and insufficient subfloors will be the most probable cause of hardwood floorboards and squeaking, noisy flooring. Did your floor installer use thin particle board for the subfloor? Are the floor joists spaced too far apart or lacking the mandatory blocking pieces? Both of these issues result in loosened boards, which most often creates sound and other corrosion.

Insert nails or glue to the flooring planks and inspect the subfloor, if at all possible. Put in blocking wedges between floor joists to avoid movement and think about replacing diminished subfloors. This undertaking requires an extensive investment in money and time, but it may be the only option for certain noisy floorboards.

The fear of hardwood flooring issues should not dissuade you from buying this gorgeous item. Durable, attractive and extremely valuable, hardwood floor presents many benefits that far outweigh issues like smudging, oxidation and noisy boards. An efficient cleaning routine will keep your hardwood looking stunning for years to come.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Unfinished or Finished Hardwood Flooring?

Together with hardwood flooring alternatives, it actually comes down to what works best for you. This is exactly the same when selecting whether to buy unfinished or finished hardwood flooring. But before getting into the particulars of each we must check into the reasons behind the choice you're given.

Natural means unpredictable

Wood is a living breathing thing, even when it's removed from its home in the forest, cut to pieces and processed in the mill. This is a element that you must understand when buying any kind of hardwood flooring. Moisture and temperature will influence the flooring in various ways, particularly when it comes time to purchase finished or unfinished hardwood flooring.

Knowing the Difference

This basically means each board has not had the finish applied to the surface. Installation of this kind
of flooring is best left to the professionals as it requires a degree of ability in trimming, finishing, and installation that many weekend warrior home owners simply do not possess. Another major drawback of purchasing unfinished hardwood is that through the application of the finish the homeowners shouldn't be within the house for at least three times due to the overwhelming smell and fumes given off from the finish.

Prefinished signifies the floorboards comes from the factory precoated in the final finish. This factory process helps to ensure that the jacket is placed on in an even coating and without defects. Possessing the boards prefinished also remove the climate factor when installing the flooring. With unfinished the installer should constantly know about the humidity inside the room or else floors might warp and buckle after the finish is used. Prefinished is also easier for setup functions as there isn't any need for sanding or completing so the procedure can be generally be done in a day or so based on the square footage. Of course the prefinished flooring can still twist and enlarge with sudden changes in the climate in the home so those amounts should always be monitored, nevertheless with prefinished it is more pliable.

For many people and projects I would advise going with a prefinished item. Coming out of a mill you're guaranteed a degree of quality that's hard to duplicate with unfinished boards. Nevertheless, in case you have a particular project in a layout which may need something entirely unique that a producer can't supply then by all means go with an unfinished item. Just make sure you employ a setup company that's totally equipped and experienced to manage the difficulties.