Thursday, 20 May 2021


Mudrooms play an essential part in the contemporary house, acting as a buffer between the exterior and interior of your property. Selecting the proper wood flooring for the mudroom makes a large difference to the appearance and function of the room. Discover how to bring the beauty of hardwood floors into your mudroom.

Tip # 1 - Understand Wood is an Alternative

Many people incorrectly assume that timber flooring can't resist the traffic and abuse of mudrooms. Though ceramic tile and vinyl floors have become the traditional choice in this region, extending wood flooring via your hallway or kitchen and into the mudroom makes sense. Compare the price and durability of timber with other popular mudroom floor options and upgrades, including natural stone tile. Wood offers a low maintenance, naturally beautiful alternative.

Tip # 2 - Pay attention to the Wood Species

Opt for wood species which stand up well to high traffic and dampness. Read up on Janka hardness ratings and select something with a decent score to restrict the amount of scratches, dents, and dings on your mudroom floor. As many national hardwoods provides reasonable strength and durability, exotic wood floors like Brazilian Cherry (aka Jatoba) and Brazilian Teak (aka Cumaru) provide the maximum Janka hardness scores. Well-made engineered wood floors in certain species may also be utilised in the mudroom.

Tip # 3 - Ask About the End

You need to put money into a high quality pre-finished hardwood flooring for this area of your home. Not only will a factory finish help speed installation along, but it will hold up well to humidity and temperature requirements. Ask about finishes that use acrylic impregnation to protect the timber and prevent oil-based finishes as they have a tendency to fade quicker. Make sure to inquire about warranty policy and follow all the manufacturer's care directions to extend the life of your prefinished hardwood flooring.

Tip # 4 - Consider the Setup Process

Purchase a good excellent underlayment for your mudroom to support the floor and provide comfort in this popular area of the house. Don't forget to install hardwood floors planks on a flat subfloor; this becomes very important in the mudroom. Purchasing a proper subfloor helps to prevent puddles in the corners of this space and makes it easier to wipe up spills and keep a clean floor.

Hint # 5 - Insert a Great Excellent Rug to Assist With Moisture

Even though you might not wish to cover the natural beauty of timber flooring, a fantastic excellent rug cuts down to regular maintenance and enables your floors to last more. Look closely at the carpet backing and search for organic products which won't discolor or scrape the wood end. Put the carpet (or rugs) in the entry door and supply a designated place for boots and shoes with vinyl mats or other innovative and tidy options.

Don't forget to think about hardwood floors to your mudroom in a renovation project or as an inexpensive upgrade. Follow these methods to be sure the room appears amazing and works well for decades to come.