Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Guide to Grey Wood Floors

Colour is a huge defining factor when designing a room. Colour can produce any number of looks and themes to your home and one colour trending in the moment is grey. Grey hardwood flooring have taken off thanks to the popularity of the industrial looks that are showing promise in the design world. Grey wood floors are extremely contemporary and will compliment nearly any colour harmoniously. Since its not a traditional colour like how can you know if a grey hardwood flooring is a fantastic idea for your property?

Classic or Trend

Grey flooring might seem like a passing trend at the moment and you are right to be cautious if you're looking for a long term investment. If you don't have the time, money or interest in constantly revamping your house to stay current, then a floor using a timeless look is your ideal option. Yes, grey floors are having a period from the spotlight which will inevitably pass, but, gray is a beautifully ageless color for your flooring.

Incorporating In Your Home

Thanks to its neutral colors it can be paired with any existing or new furniture easily. As a consequence, it is easy to upgrade cheaper accessories in your home to keep up with the times instead of dab on a brand new floor unnecessarily. Grey flooring look better when paired with contemporary homes as they the colour compliments contemporary interiors nicely. But, gray flooring can be paired with almost any accent colour or old furniture since this can bring back that heat and homely atmosphere.


When it comes to grey hardwood flooring there are a few colors you can choose from. Dark and light
gray woods can provide you two very different looks. Darker greys offer you a sophisticated and wealthy color scheme which lets you work with a more striking and daring look. Dark grey floors work superbly with larger rooms and light furniture for that stark contrast. Contrasting this, lighter greys give a cooler and much more spacious setting to a room. Their lighter color opens up a room which may otherwise feel modest - perfect for land owners who have limited space.

The beauty of grey floors are that they're incredibly adaptable. For example, if you're worried the a darker grey floor will create a room feel bigger and shut off, then simply use lighter colors on your accessories such as cushions and mirrors to open the space back up. On the opposite end of the spectrum, lighter floors may make a room look colder. This is remedied by using accent color with warmer undertones like purples as well as yellows and greens.

In case you're searching for a new flooring than grey forests are an excellent option. Not only are they hugely on fashion at the moment, providing you that first head start to a stunning home, but they are a true classic. Married with different colors seamlessly, gray floors give you the ideal middle ground of modernity and timelessness. We renew an wonderful selection of grey floors, see them here.

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