Monday, 5 August 2019

Base Shoe or Quarter Round – What’s the Difference?

When we refinish or put in a hardwood flooring , we substitute the baseboard molding. Baseboard molding installments are finished off with a little piece of molding that covers the gap between the base of the baseboards and the floor. There are two types of molding which may be used -- base quarter or shoe round. So what's the difference?

Both Types of Molding Are Very Much Like

Base quarter and shoe around are nearly indistinguishable. In some situations, they may be used properly, however they have their own unique uses too.

Quarter round (revealed in 2 dimensions in the image on the left and the right) is exactly as its name implies, one quarter of a round dowel. It has a 90° angle on the bottom with a perfect quarter radius around the side that reveals. The quarter around comes in many different sizes, which makes it versatile enough for a wide range of applications, as well as an ideal alternative for eliminating the gap between trim and moldings and to fill corners.

Base shoe also has a 90-degree angle to the backside, but front of base shoe is somewhat more square and doesn't follow the radius of a ring like the quarter around does.

Does the Base Shoe Have to Be Removed before Repainting or Installing a Wood Floor?

Yes, it should. There are two or three reasons why you need to remove the base shoe prior to installing a new floor. It is most likely that the present base shoe molding has been set up for quite a while, so it may be dented or damaged in places. Plus it likely has several layers of paint onto it from through the years. More importantly, however, removing the foundation shoe will allow you to butt the new floors up to the wall. If we are trimming a floor, and also the bottom shoe is abandoned in place, it will stop us from getting the sander along the border of the existing flooring.

Should the Base Shoe Match the Trim Color or the Floor Color?

This is quite a matter of preference. Broadly speaking, the foundation shoe color must match the trim
colour, however, the decision is ultimately up to the homeowner. We propose matching with your trim color to add contrast and emphasize the exquisite stain colour of your hardwood floors.

Can I Really Need Baseboard Molding?

One of the most frequent questions people ask is if they really want the base shoe, or whether it's just an add on. The answer is an easy yes. Without it, there is typically a gap between the trim and floors, which is not just unsightly but makes it extremely easy for debris and dirt to accumulate under the base trim. Or you could leave this dull task around us. We will get rid of the present shoe base, and stain and install the new foundation shoe.

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